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Travel between Thailand and Denmark 3 times per year in wheelchair.

I live about 6 month in Thailand every year. I have made a 3 year long contract on a nice house with 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom There are a 1.8 meter high wall around the house and a big metal sliding gate into a carport. Just after I rented the house I began to change it so it is wheelchair friendly. I have made a complete new European style bathroom. I have also made 2 concrete ramps because the house had 2 step up before.. I have also install a electric motor with remote control on the gate, so it's easy for me to get inside with my Trike motorcycle. The house have a nice garden area too, here are some palm tree and 2 big Mango tree. They house was including full furniture, but I already had furniture for all the house, So the house owner (from England). took the furniture to another place. It's very cheap to rent a house in Thailand... my house is a medium price, and i pay 100.000 baht = 2900 us dollars per year.

When i'm wheelchair user, there are a lot things to prepare before a 2 month travel. I need a lot medicine and toilet things like catheter, plasters and much more. My wheelchair need to be 100% okay. And need to temporary mail address change every time. I have all my clothes in my house in Thailand already, but my suitcase will be full with just all the things i need because of mu handicap. When i'm in Denmark i go to training center and physiotherapist 2 times per week. In Thailand I get Thai massage from the same very good massage lady 2 times per week. I need to keep my body fit, after 27 years in wheelchair ;-)

Traning in Denmark.


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