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Mix of my video from Thailand 

Video - Youtube

Thailand  slideshow about my experience 

Thailand is not 100% accessible for wheelchair user, but it's possible to have a great holiday in Thailand if you do some research before you go. In the last years there are been build some very accessible holiday homes and hotels, and there are also some minivan for rent with lift and wheelchair locking system. 

Driving my wheelchair motorbike / trike 
My homemade wheelchair motorbike / trike 

I have build this wheelchair trike in Thailand. I got some help from a motorbike builder in Hua Hin. 
The Trike is build from a new Yamaha Mio 125 cc  with 11,5 horsepower. I bought a 2nd original frame + many spareparts and made some cutting and welding to make it a 3 wheeler.
Top speed about 100 km/h, but I don't dare to drive so fast in the crazy Thai traffic.

Here I show how the reverse gear works

My family make a short movie from a Tuk Tuk taxi, from my road driving

My new motorcycle, Honda Forza 300

After I made the ned fiberglass front with bluetooth stereo

10 minute long slideshow about all building process of the Yamaha Trike

I bought a Honda Forza 300 in january 2018, it's a secundhand, but have only drive about 5000 km, and then I hade a ide how to make it, but i was to lazy to do it by myself this time, so I found a sidecar shop, there looked more professionel than most of them who build sidecar in Thailand. I had a idea to make the front look like on the motorbike, so they ordered all the spareparts, and used about 1 month to make it. It still need some work i will do in Hua Hin, as reverse gear and electric motor on the ramp.
There will come more and better video of this motorcycle later.
Wheelchair in Hua Hin with a electric scooter to connect to the front of the wheelchair
My friend was on 1 month holidag and we was driving wheelchair  electric scooter (Rio Firefly) on the main road in Hua Hin. it's a very small and handy scooter. It's easy to take with you on a travel and in can run about 35 km on a full charge battery, speed about 16 km/h.
And it take only about 10-15 secund to connect it to the wheelchair.
If you are in wheelchair, I will recoment a front bicycle or scooter on a Hua Hin holiday or other vacation. It make it alot more easier to get around.
​Traffic in Hua Hin...  I drive in wheelchair with the electric scooter mounted on the front.
Heavy traffic in Hua Hin... Even there are many  motorbike and cars, it's possible to drive here with wheelchair. ( i drive with the electric scooter to conect to the wheelchair)
Khao TaKiap (monkey mountain). A friend give food for the monkeys.

Just outside Hua Hin is a place with 100's of monkeys. They are very naughty, so be careful that they do not steal from you. You can buy a bucket of feed, which you can give them while being photographed / filmed.

My familie feed some sweet monkeys. About 100 south of Hua Hin
The Dusky Leaf Langur Monkey, so sweet and friendly. My brother, nephew's and niece has a good time with them when they visit meet on Thailand.
Those monkey also called long tail monkey or most known as spectacled langur because of the white area around the eyes that look look like the where glasses.
Heavy rain i Hua Hin

Normaly it don't rain so much in Hua Hin,  so it's no problem to go on holiday there in the rain season. I like  this time of year because it's not so hot, when it's cloudy.
The dry season in Thailand is from November til May. This is the time of year where there are most tourist.


Danmark around seen from wheelchair. Everything seen in only 90 days.
My new handicap car.
After driving minivans the last 20 years i get tired of that and want a smaller and more economic car. A Ford Grand C Max (7 person). I took all the back seat out so i can reduce the tax from 180% to 50%. So i got a super good car for a good price.
I made the crane for wheelchair by myslef, nd with some helf from a friend. and then in have the best hand controle system from 
My handicap car i had before
My New handicap car 

My homemade wheelchair scooter in Thailand.
I began the building 6 years ago, but the last 6 month i have made many update.
It's build from a 125 cc Yamaha Mio. I bought a extra frame and all the piece for the back end, and then cut the new motorbike in half, and weld it together as a 3 wheel trike, where i can sit in the wheelchair and drive it.

Complte slideshow with picture from  start to finish with the wheelchair building project. Many have ask me to help build 1 for them, but i don't want that, so here you can see how to do.

Thats how the motorbike work now. Easy it on and get ready to drive, I have a system to quick lock the wheelchair.

Struer motorshow 2023. Hvor jeg lige fik en gang vask :-)

Building the new fiberglass front, reinforced with metal frame, and have build in marine bluetooth water proff stereo

Just a day on Cha Am beach, with some nice picture.

På tur med min Paws el trækker og Traxxas E Revo Xl fjernstyret bil

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